Terry Madden’s Watercolor Workshop Painting Easy Clouds

This video teaches you an easy way to paint beautiful clouds with watercolors. For more information or to get videos please visit www.terrymadden.com

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13 Responses to Terry Madden’s Watercolor Workshop Painting Easy Clouds

  1. lovepigz2007 says:

    worked 4 me! tHANX

  2. 2bseeker2 says:

    @J4archae np. easy to do. (the boom-boom thing is kinda cute… but distracting…)

  3. 2bseeker2 says:

    @J4archae .. i suspect i must’ve said that wrong… wasn’t intending to be a jerk… take what i said literally… please don’t read anything into it…

  4. 2bseeker2 says:

    good demonstration… but, please don’t do the boom boom sound? thx

  5. bytonynguyen says:

    Great style and very informative tutorial.

  6. tdartista48 says:

    Great style and very informative tutorial.

  7. gpabsky2011 says:

    visit gpabsky.com website for the artist…ty!
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  8. MyrtleBeachWebAngel says:

    Thanks- that was quick and easy to learn.

  9. 02011982 says:

    Have to love this guy! I mean its amazing how he simply take you to the point and opens new idea at same time. Cheers my man and long life followed with great art!!!

  10. fjc973 says:

    Thank You !!

  11. SIRATJI says:

    FANTASTIC!!! LOVE THE DEMO…God how do get away with that? lol soooo cute and GREAT clouds….how do you highlight them? do you use grey or white to go over?

  12. hina728 says:

    really very easiest way 2 make clouds

  13. Jazzwayze says:

    Splash it on! Dab it off! Nice demo. Happy Painting Terry.

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