Step by step painting process. Original acrylic painting by Jacob Brest

To see my paintings visit Step by step process of original painting by Jacob Brest. Audio is from Jacob Brest’s band Rolling Horse’s rehearsal. Jacob is the guitar and vocals in the three piece band.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Figurative artist, Scott Burdick, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He says he spent a lot of time in the hospital in casts and on crutches as a young boy and after his mother introduced him to drawing the time passed much more quickly. Scott’s formal art training was received at the American Academy of Art and at the Palette and Chisel Art club, both located in Chicago. Scott met his wife, artist Sue Lyon, during this time. He says “It’s a wonderful thing being able to paint together all the time and grow as artists together.” Scott Burdick’s ideas for paintings come from everywhere. What makes a subject attractive to me are the same things that attract us all. The beauty of a young girl, the character of a weathered face, the solitude of a farm at sunset, or even the story itself behind someone or something that makes it interesting. Scott believes it is the job of the artist to recognize this when it happens, analyze why, and use his technical skills to convey the feeling to someone else. He notes that some paintings are as simple as stopping at the sight of something interesting, while others may take more time to research than to actually paint.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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