Salt & Sugar Techniques: Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy

DVD Title: Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy Jill Kennedy is the famous UK author of several books on her favorite art — silk painting. In this DVD she demonstrates 10 of her most called upon techniques for creating fantastic designs in silk. In this excerpt she is demonstrating what can be done by adding salt and sugar over freshly dyed areas to create dramatic flow in the dye penetration!

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6 Responses to Salt & Sugar Techniques: Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy

  1. leisititine1 says:


  2. ines695 says:

    can you explain please the sugar effect is it the same as salt ?

  3. lloplop says:

    i would like to see more about this

  4. abfabdesigns says:

    I love using sugar with silk painting, such a delicious result, and it was great to watch Jill using it too :-)

    Teena Hughes (handpainted silk)

  5. i8beachglass says:

    thank you as well,you do beautiful work

  6. humanedomain says:

    i am so trying this! love your videos and artwork! thank you for sharing & promoting creativity ^-^

    love, a fan in Japan

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