Painting on water – EBRU

This video was captured at the Islam Expo last weekend. The man painting explained that it is a traditional Turkish method of painting using all natural ingredients (earthy colours and natural bristle brushes)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this demonstration Gabriel Mark Lipper speeds through his self portrait using a small mirror to his left. He using the direct painting method of alla prima to finish his oil painting in one session. To see an interview with the artist and to sign up for workshops go to:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Painting on water – EBRU

  1. sentryknife says:

    @qoyas ty…even thou it been a year lol

  2. angelloxi says:

    @lalafunnys woa.. cool

  3. lalafunnys says:

    @angelloxi There are no tricks! That’s the best part (: It’s an ancient art that was created by the Japanese. I encourage you to see the “Painting on Water” video posted by x1ee (:

  4. angelloxi says:

    But The sand painting is the best than this because who knows thats camera tricks

  5. nlbjones says:

    @bubbligirl it looks like a piece of SHEET!

  6. nlbjones says:

    @awaldoster carrageenan Horse hoof extract-bet if he knew this he would stop using the poor animals that paid for this-they do not believe in harming animals for use like this. just saying. but ya neat technique

  7. nlbjones says:

    @ajz2k butt can ppl wipe with it LOL

  8. adelina2034 says:


  9. retropacgirl says:

    Oil based????
    Very cool like nail marbeling

  10. TheTechAdmin says:

    stop the video at 1:26 and keep everyone in suspense!

  11. sentryknife says:

    @sentryknife ty

  12. Johncurl says:

    Wow! Ebru is a beautiful art. THe music you chose was beautiful as well. What, or, who was it?

  13. ajz2k says:

    well that looked like shit but the technique is cool as hell

  14. awaldoster says:

    if im correct, i think you’re able to use many forms of paint from ink to regular tempera paint. it is the substance in the water that makes the paint float and a stick of some sort to create the movement and tracking of the paint. The paper is lightly sponged all over with alum so when u place the paper on the water the paint sticks you also blend carrageenan with water which im not quite sure where to find this substance, but it is what makes the water more dense then the paint.

  15. nycpd75 says:

    @bubbligirl i wanna know that too ! and also what kinda paint ?:S

  16. bubbligirl says:

    what sheet he’s using ?… is it a sounder sheet , or scholar sheet or drawing sheet or what ??

  17. MrDop3boy says:

    HQ doesnt hurt.rly

  18. qoyas says:

    @sentryknife HI there, the song is called Devil’s Bridge by Clive Caroll

  19. sentryknife says:

    what is the name of this song?

  20. Speedow says:

    @cerenrockers it’s an acrylic colour. it floats on water and sticks to nearly everything.
    You could also instead of putting a sheet of paper in the water use a cup, or a plate, or even a t-shirt (well, I think it’d leach out after a while, but it still looks awesome)

  21. cerenrockers says:

    what type of paint do you use

  22. daramusss says:

    incredible :)))

  23. MsFlipper2002 says:

    Even Obama is watching this YouTube video, it’s that good!

  24. SardinhasEmAzeite says:

    ques que ce le nom de la musique?

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