Maxim Grunin landscape painting in acrylics part 2

My name is Maxim Grunin, I am a trained painter MFA. Please watch Part 2 of a video where I complete my piece.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Maxim Grunin landscape painting in acrylics part 2

  1. SuperChummu says:

    pls can anyone tell me from where this music is?its a soul touching d way sir u r too good.keep up d great work.

  2. turfmono says:

    @jane16155 he’s canadian.

  3. orso1943 says:

    Molto bravo !!!!!

  4. Msilverocean says:


  5. mford41619 says:

    I love your work. Thank you for sharing your process.

  6. 7amod707 says:

    the music makes me cry LOL

  7. jane16155 says:

    are you russian? :)


    beautiful! compliments! è veramente eccezionale!
    can you tell me the name of the music that you used for the video? thanks a lot!

  9. joespell says:

    I am enjoying your paintings, and you painting them also. Nice choice in your shadow coloring.

  10. smarterthanawaffle says:

    I’m a painting instructor in CO USA, and will use this video to show my students how a master uses a palette knife. Well done.

  11. Iam0ffline says:

    great painting ,, i hope that i can do the same.

  12. jbasiv says:


  13. teresatrful says:

    i cant believe that this was just waiting for me to view . i love the internet , your work is very inspirational , i love it. i can see your source of light and it is teaching me something each time i view it.. thank you. hello from texas.

  14. monegorijas says:

    only for money ha maxim??

  15. maximgruninart says:

    Thanks for watching everyone! I use a cheap small nylon brush for branches and some details #2 or #3. It’s the consistency of paint that makes the lines thin (more water to make it flow). Any type of a thin brush will do.

  16. roberegross says:

    Maxim, I love your painting style, but was curious – what kind of brush or paint tool are you using for the small branches at 1:19? It almost looks like a small pencil?

  17. Internetmuse1 says:

    You are so awesome! I have been watching your video every morning before my walk to plant the seed that everything is beautiful, expecially now when everything is grey/brown with only occasional signs of spring. I live in Alberta. What is MFA? Thank you for sharing your skill, technique and talent

  18. pmcgoey says:

    I am a landscape painter. I love your art and the way you work and handle light. Thank you for taking the time to record and post this video. I will watch it many more time.

  19. nonameszp says:

    Just beautiful!!!! Amazing!

  20. daltonbrothers1 says:

    i love this video, i already watch this video over and over , and you know Max… i never get bored, thanks Max

  21. cleerin1 says:

    @firuinthehouse o ya hu lol i didnt notice that

  22. firuinthehouse says:

    @cleerin1 the shadows are cool colors, look closer :)

  23. firuinthehouse says:

    Maxim this is awesome work and your videos have excellent music. Can you please tell us what artist this is?

    Thank you :)

  24. crika172 says:

    I like it so much !!!!
    Please can you tell me if you mix something to your acrilic paint to have it so thick ?

  25. daltonbrothers1 says:

    Hebat..I love it, gila ..sempurna

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