Blick Presents: Magic Palette Artists Color Selector and Mixing Guide

The Magic Palette is a wonderful teaching tool and an inspiring visual color reference for students. For beginners, it takes the guesswork out of mixing colors. This eliminates trial and error, and makes color selection and mixing less intimidating. For experienced artists, no matter the skill level, the Magic Palette inspires broadening of the color palette, and encourages artists to try new colors, new color families, and new color combinations.
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11 Responses to Blick Presents: Magic Palette Artists Color Selector and Mixing Guide

  1. positiveKani says:

    nice i got to get me one.

  2. BlickVideos says:

    @jeffnval1 This tool was created for paint mixing and color matching. The chart references paint names you would find in oil, acrylic and watercolor tubes. Because colored pencils, markers and dye pads cannot be mixed separately and then transferred to your paper, it is likely not as useful a tool for those media.

  3. jeffnval1 says:

    Yes!!! I too would like to know if this chart would be practical for use in colored pencils/marker applications??? How about dye ink pad colors as well???

  4. poblo2006 says:

    Can this be used for colored pencils, too?

  5. BlickVideos says:

    @malusak54 All the products featured in our videos may be purchased from our website dickblick . com.

  6. malusak54 says:

    I like to order one of your magic palette .can u help me how ? this is my e-mail

  7. MrGoodgrace says:

    she is nice create painting tool

  8. 4SCARECROWS says:

    Oh man you beat me too it! : ) I made a grid system like this 10 years ago mixing the color together like in the way you did it. Because like you I was disappointed on the lack of one. Well at least you did something about it and patented yours. I guess great minds think a like. = )

  9. dkw12002 says:

    I like the idea, but adding white isn’t a normal part of watercolor painting.

  10. rosanny300 says:

    hi can you tell me how to get one of this color mixing guide write on youtube so i can tell you my gmail

  11. jdvalle1012 says:

    This was very informative! Thanks Blick!

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