Amazing Turkish art technique called Ebru. Floating dyes or paint on water.

Amazing Turkish art technique called Ebru. Floating dyes or paint on water.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Follow along as I paint pickles using watercolor and negative painting techniques. Presented by Elizabeth Fluehr.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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35 Responses to Amazing Turkish art technique called Ebru. Floating dyes or paint on water.

  1. LpsOnly says:

    @electricnrg Thats mean and racist.

  2. LuluHeeNim says:

    wtf did i just see??wow!

  3. mshadoo says:

    wat paint are u using ?

  4. Gibsonlespaul58yeah says:

    @TheJewfro97 lol i was thinkinhg the same thing!

  5. Paulismyhero777 says:

    An old teacher told me this was japanese, anyone know why?

  6. electricnrg says:

    leave it to the Turks to come up with something more retarded than themselves.

  7. SGMusicOfficial says:

    Beautiful, but the cameraman is super annoying

  8. ssun8 says:

    reminds me of some of the Nujabes album arts :O

  9. TheJewfro97 says:

    QUICK! dip a guitar in it!!!

  10. CreativeCrafts1 says:

    Does anyone know what paints he uses?

  11. violetflame1980 says:

    next he will teach us how to capture flies with chopsticks and we shall call him mr awsome painter guy

  12. Darmeck says:

    complimenti, un artista, ma che tipo di colori usa? smalti? oli? acrilici?

  13. loopuus says:

    @deadxshay such nice art work screwed by an idiot man who holds the camera you right

  14. S4Karoshiii says:

    at this rate,there’s no dislike…LOL

  15. mak1792 says:


  16. SMFED says:

    Bórax mesclado com água
    [Pintura de óleo]
    [Pintura de uretano]

  17. Aurux40215 says:

    @3choBlast3r that’s cuz some of my teachers come from turkey and they talk about ebru art and they show middle schooler’s how to make them.

  18. 3choBlast3r says:

    @Aurux40215 Really .. does your school often learn you about other peoples cultures or are you simply studying on one of the many Turkish funded public schools in the US?

  19. sqvisius says:

    art bending avatar!!

  20. piter6029 says:

    alguem pode falar que material ele usa??

  21. deadxshay says:

    i’m digging the technique but i want to punch the camera guy in his fucking head.

  22. PukyBear says:

    @alaacd wat?

  23. alaacd says:

    احلي رسم علي الماء

  24. Aurux40215 says:

    @Virgin31august this is not any kind of paint, this is special paint and special water.

  25. Aurux40215 says:


  26. kaylu12 says:

    This is the first time I really understood negative painting. I appreciate your video very much!

  27. spongebobnik says:

    Wow, this is not easy to do but each time that you do another painting, you learn. This is a really great exercise for novice watercolor painters to learn about pigment strength and what water does. We are really not always aware of how much water has been soaked up by the paper and then how much more we can safely add. Thanks also for the tips along the way.

  28. jasneskis says:

    This is a wonderful demo of negative painting. I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share, thus encouraging others.

  29. MrHroark says:

    Thank you.
    Hideaway is exquisite…I hope you will demonstrate one like it sometimes.
    God bless

  30. ElizabethFluehr says:

    To see a negative painting of a landscape, go to my website at Then go to the Art Gallery page and look for a painting called “Hideaway” in the Negative Painting section. –Elizabeth

  31. MrHroark says:

    Nicely done Elizabeth…and I must admit too, that negative painting in watercolor is something I struggled with as well…near to the point of forgetting the medium. I would very much like to see how you put this all together in a landscape.
    Thank YOU again.
    God bless

  32. 1995Benzo says:

    Great videos. This was always confusing to me. Thanks so much!

  33. HDPLAYER2 says:

    first time I have really understood the process- Thanks

  34. kpxaznxgrl says:

    i learned SO MUCH from these tutorials! thank you!

  35. jeanwithkids says:

    Thanks for the humor along with the lesson!

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