What is the best way to loose 24-26 pounds by auguts 5?

Question by Debra F: What is the best way to loose 24-26 pounds by auguts 5?
I have already lost 6 pounds, in 13 days. I am loosing half a pound a day. Aventually when i get to a certain weight, I will stop loosing a pound a day. What can I do to help loose weight faster, I am doing martial arts, and swimming in my pool. But i want to loose maybe a pound a day, What can I do ? I want to be 26 pounds less then i am now by august 5.

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Answer by Eve
This is not going to happen unless you are very obese right now. Your weight loss will slow the closer you get to your goal. You need to be eating a well balanced diet and keeping up the exercise (which you’re doing great with). You may get another 10-15 off by then, but 26 is an unrealistic goal.

Please also remember that 90% of people who lose weight gain it back because they feel they can go back to their old habits. Try and keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change, not a temporary change until you’ve reached your goal.

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