What advertisements would you find in an 1850s newspaper?

Question by Broccccc: What advertisements would you find in an 1850s newspaper?
What kinds of jobs? New inventions? Materials that people need. How much would these all cost?

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Answer by the old dog
Advertisements in the newspapers were sparse looking but quite verbose as very little illustrations would be involved. No photographs at all.
Line drawings would accompany any ad for products like an ice cream maker. The type face would vary in separate styles but not too extreme. It would announce itself like this …
is recommended for families, Hotels, Saloons,
& wholesale manufacturers~~
it saves ICE
it saves TIME
it saves LABOR
and produces the finest quality of cream known to the art
Send for descriptive catalogue


Basically the same would be accorded to jobs, rooms to let and rental properties but these would omit any artwork. The jobs that would be advertised would be for labourers for coal companies delivery’s and wagon men who can handle four or more horses. Jobs for apprenticeships were common in those days and steam fitters as well as plasterers, cabinet makers, and carpenters. Most jobs would be menial like candle making, or cotton mill work, or riverside marina works in the cities.
The average wage for those days was about a dollar a week unless you were a Locomotive Engineer then you could count on good money.
Most of the jobs were not only menial but service orientated jobs. A chambermaid was called so because her main job was cleaning the hotels spittoons, and urine bottles as well as the stool cans. This was in addition to cleaning the beds, and the room. Most hotels did not have running water in the rooms and one bathroom was provided on each floor for the lower cost rooms. You had to pay extra for that. There were jobs for shoe shining, selling papers, building waggons, leather works for beasts of burden, and jobs for handymen. Males did not teach in early school, it was mostly women who taught and they had to be single and non drinkers and were housed by the local school board. Usually a member of the board would let a room for the woman. Once the woman got married she lost her job. She could not entertain guests, nor was she allowed to stay out past a curfew or she could be fired on the spot.
Men worked long hour days, something like ten hours and they never went to work in their work clothes. They went to work in suit and tie with a hat then changed at work. A man would be shamed to go to work and come home from work in “work clothes”. Street clothes were different and clean. These kind of things would be obvious to the applicant of any job but it would more than likely be stated in the advertisement for clarity’s sake.
There were other jobs like blacksmiths and iron workers and street cleaners as well.
The main new inventions would concern things like guns, powders, rodent killers, and luxurious goods were not bothered with. No electricity so radios and toasters were not sold but as pointed out above things like an ice cream maker could make the grade.
You could get an ad in 800 newspapers for six weeks at six dollars a line if you shopped around.
That’s about it without having to write a whole foolscape for you and your ….

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